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The Surroundings of the Quinta Antes O Vento

Our Quinta is situated 10 km from the coast, the famous Costa de Prata, hundred kilometers from Lisbon. The Quinta is situated between the two towns of Alcobaça and Caldas da Rainha. This region is very suitable for walking. There are many walks set out by people from the neighbourhood, but there are also possibilities to walk with a guide. These guides know a lot about the history of Portugal in general, but also about the aspects of the region and the spots you'll visit.

So, would you like to take a walk amongst the blossoming fruit trees in March? Or do you want to see the ancient dinosaur footprints in May? Perhaps you would like to experience the spectacular cliffs of Salir do Porto in June? Then there are the wonderful old Convents of Alcobaça and Batalha in Autumn. The beautiful walk through the Spa town of Caldas da Rainha, where you can visit the termal baths of Queen Leonor. That might also be an option. Finally, there is the special tour of the all the promenades along the beach, sampling the wonderful Portuguese coffee.

All that is possible from our address: Quinta Antes o Vento in Ribeira do Carrasqueiro.

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Salir do Porto, São Martinho do Porto and Nazaré are popular resorts in the neighbourhood. However, there are also quieter beaches, such as Salgado, where the sea can be really rough. For the children the bays of Nazaré and San Martinho are much more suitable.

Alcobaça is well-known for its Monasteiro, the biggest Church and Convent of Portugal. This was built in 1153 and is connected with the foundation of the state. The well-known story of lovers, King Pedro and Ines de Castro are buried here. But for me the authentic kitchen is the most attractive. The barbecue where the oxes were cooked are gigantic. The river which in former days ran through the kitchen has been put back to its former state, but you can still see the enormous marble basins and the huge taps.

Caldas da Rainha, which means hot water baths of the Queen is also nearby . I myself, like to spend time in the park that belongs to the termal baths, especially in the café and the terraces underneath the huge trees. Every morning there is an atractive fruitmarket on the Praça da Fruta. My first sight of the park and the fruitmarket made me decide I wanted to live here. And that's what we did.

Ten minutes from Caldas you can visit Óbidos. According to a travelguide Óbidos was a present from King Dinis to Queen Isabella of Aragon. Óbidos is a beautifully restored town, totally surrounded by walls and the citizens of Óbidos often organise all kinds of events. Being in Portugal means there are lots of festivals with lots of dining and wining. Great!

Meals and restaurants

In this special part of the website I want to tell you something about the marvelous food in Portugal. If you don't like to cook for yourself, you can always go to a restaurant. There are so many possibilities and to eat out is always cheap. There are numerous typical Portuguese restaurants where you can eat for € 15,- . The portions of meat or fish can be enormous. We like to eat at Dona Alentejano. The quality of the food is very good and the atmosphere is nice. And what do you think of eating in a fish restaurant on the beach in Bom Succeso or....or....or


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Our Guests:

14 april 2013 Beste Loek en Francine, Hartelijk dank voor de gastvrijheid die ik hier mocht genieten! Ik ben hier ongeveer anderhalve week geweest voor een korte vakantie en de kennismaking met deze plek is mij goed bevallen. Enorm genoten van de schitterende oceaan bij Na...